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‘Silver Gun Burglar’ Suspect Bears Close Resemblance To Composite

April 12, 1986

NEW YORK (AP) _ A man arrested as Manhattan’s ″silver gun bandit″ bears such a close resemblance to a police drawing of the suspect that his wife says she noticed the similarity months ago, a newspaper reported Saturday.

Teresa Bailey said she first saw the composite drawing when it was published in newspapers in December, and remarked to her husband, Michael Dirton, ″It looks just like you,″ according to the New York Post.

″He just laughed and said: ’No, that’s not me. You know me - I wouldn’t do that,‴ Ms. Bailey said.

Ms. Bailey said Dirton’s friends had also remarked on the resemblance. ″But they’ve got the wrong guy,″ she insisted. ″I know he wouldn’t do that. I can’t believe it.″

Police announced Friday that Dirton, 24, had been arrested and charged with burglary, robbery, sexual abuse and sodomy.

The burglar who committed the crimes over the past seven months earned the nickname ″the silver gun bandit″ for the pearl-handled, chrome-plated revolver he carried when he crept through apartment windows late at night.

When he was arrested late Thursday, Dirton was carrying a silver starter’s pistol that had been painted black, its pearl handle covered in tape, police said.

Police said Dirton, who has a criminal record of burglary and robbery, was identified by 14 victims.

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