AP EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea Handler launching first podcast

NEW YORK (AP) — Chelsea Handler is the first to admit she has commitment issues, which is why she’s easing into podcasting with a limited series recorded from the current tour promoting her latest best-selling memoir, “Life Will Be the Death of Me.”

In the book, Handler writes about the self-discovery that came out of a year of intense therapy and what she learned. She also reflects on the accidental death of her brother, who fell off a cliff while hiking in Wyoming at age 22, when she was 9.

Handler told The Associated Press on Wednesday that it’s nothing new for her to be honest, but she’s never done anything that’s been received as well as this book. She wanted to keep the conversation going and the podcast, which debuts May 23 on the iHeartPodcast Network, will have the same title.

“It’s not hard for me to be personal. That’s my comfort zone and I like to air my dirty laundry,” and she wanted to show that therapy isn’t a taboo subject.

The podcast will consist of 20 episodes featuring conversations between Handler and friends, including Mary McCormack and Connie Britton, along with journalist Jake Tapper and audio from the book. New episodes will post on Thursdays.

As for whether she thinks she’ll end up doing more podcasting, Handler said she’ll certainly consider it down the road.

“I wanted to see if I like it (but) I’m on board with no hair and makeup.”