MOSCOW (AP) _ Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev and Jambyn Batmunkh, Mongolian party chief and president, met in the Kremlin on Thursday, Tass reported.

The official news agency said Batmunkh is vacationing in the Soviet Union. He was last in Moscow in October, two months after he succeeded Yumjagiin Tsedenbal, who resigned for health reasons. Batmunkh is 59.

Tass said Gorbachev and Batmunkh noted the close ties between their Communist parties and governments and discussed global issues such as the arms race and regional conflicts in Asia. Details were not reported.

However, Tass said the two leaders signed an agreement for longterm development of economic, scientific and technical cooperation.

At a Kremlin dinner later, Gorbachev criticized Japan for ''getting harnassed, to an ever greater extent, in the war chariot of the U.S.A.,'' by its support of the Strategic Defense Initiative program of space-based anti- nuclear defense, according to Tass.