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LOS ANGELES (AP) _ Jack Osbourne, the son of heavy-metal legend Ozzy Osbourne and a star of MTV's hit reality show ``The Osbournes,'' jumped off the Malibu Pier with several friends and suffered an arm injury, authorities said.

The 16-year-old, who's a talent scout for a recording company, was on the pier with a film crew Wednesday afternoon when several teenagers jumped off, said Norton Wisdom, a Los Angeles County lifeguard.

``I looked up and there were a bunch of kids doing cannonballs off the Malibu Pier, which is illegal,'' said Wisdom, who patrols Surfrider Beach.

Lifeguards stabilized Osbourne's arm, took his blood pressure and treated him for mild shock, Wisdom said. A film crew on the pier was operating without a permit and left the area, he said.

Osbourne was taken to Malibu St. John's Urgent Care center for treatment, Wisdom said.