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Quincy man’s lighthouse is a beacon for locals

December 1, 2013

QUINCY, Mass. (AP) — The lighthouse in front of Carl Hosea’s home has been a something of a beacon for people driving on Quincy Shore Drive for 15 years.

“A lot of people use this lighthouse for directions: ‘Go down until you see the lighthouse’ or ‘Take the next right after the lighthouse,’ ” Hosea said.

Hosea, a union carpenter for 33 years, recently replaced the original lighthouse, which he built in his basement 15 years ago, with a newer version he crafted in his garage.

Painted white with red stripes, the new lighthouse is octagonal and made out of spruce. It has glass windows in plastic frames. On top is a metal lantern room containing the light.

The light, as well as the interior lights that illuminate the windows, are controlled by a switch in Hosea’s home.

The lighthouse is one of eight that Hosea has crafted in his garage. He keeps the others on a workbench.

“Every time I have nothing to do, I come out and work on one,” Hosea said. “This is a hobby for me, and I enjoy doing it.”

The interior of the garage has a similar nautical theme. Adorning the walls are ship wheels and pictures of lighthouses.

On another table in the garage are photos of Hosea’s lighthouses sitting on the wall at Wollaston Beach, with sea gulls circling.

“I just like them,” Hosea said of the lighthouses. “I’ve always been out on the water. I’ve spent a lot of time on boats, and I like fishing and stuff like that.”

After repeated inquiries from admirers of his work, Hosea is thinking about making a replica of Boston Light as his next project.

Boston Light is certainly a lighthouse he’s very familiar with. He can see it when he looks out to sea from his front yard.

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