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Survey: Shakespeare Greatest Briton

November 20, 1999

LONDON (AP) _ William Shakespeare was the greatest Briton of all time, ranking ahead of Sir Isaac Newton and Sir Winston Churchill, according to a survey published in Heritage magazine.

The magazine’s list was based on votes by readers and the opinions of a panel of experts. The list was published Saturday in the Daily Mail.

The rest of the top 10 were William Caxton, the first English printer (1422-91); Charles Darwin, the evolutionary biologist (1809-92); the 1st Duke of Wellington, the victor of Waterloo (1769-1852); Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603); William the Conqueror (1027-87); Alfred the Great (849-99), and the explorer Capt. James Cook (1728-79).

The magazine’s top 50 list had only one living person _ Margaret Thatcher, the Conservative Prime Minister from 1979 to 1990, was ranked 39th. That placed her just below David Lloyd George (1865-1945), the former Liberal prime minister.

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