Preschoolers weigh in on Thanksgiving

November 19, 2018

BATTLE CREEK — Kids really do say the darndest things, especially when it comes to talking turkey.

Preschool students at St. John Lutheran Elementary School recently spent some time coloring and talking about what kind of food they love to gobble up and what they’re thankful for.

Three-year-old Claire M. said her sister, Gracie, makes the Thanksgiving turkey.

“She cooks it. We glue it up,” Claire M. said.

Gracelyn W., 5, said her mother cooks for the holiday.

“My mom puts the turkey in the oven for four minutes. And we have mashed potatoes. I like to eat chicken for Thanksgiving,” she said.

Ryker W., also 5 years old, said his daddy cooks a peacock and a chicken for dinner.

“Peacock is my favorite. I had a peacock at my house, and I shoot them, and we eat it,” Ryker said.

Three-year-old Kelsey S. said she goes to Disney World for Thanksgiving, and she likes to eat mac and cheese. She is thankful for her mommy and daddy.

Kelsey S. said we have Thanksgiving, “Because I like to color.”

Also at 3 years old, Kinley W. said her favorite thing to eat on Thanksgiving is “Everything. I don’t share with people.”

She said she is thankful for her mom and dad and her cat, Cow Pow.

“She was lost forever, but now she is back,” Kinley W. said.

Barett, 3, said both his mom and his dad cook the Thanksgiving turkey “for 77 hours, and it is not hot at 88.”

Ryker D., 4 years old, said meat is his favorite Thanksgiving dish.

“You put it on the shed, and then you cook it and eat it. Like 20 minutes and really hot,” he said.

Ryker D. said he is thankful for his mommy, daddy and Weston.

Silas L., 5, said the Thanksgiving tradition for his family is to go over to his grandmother’s house.

“And we eat chicken. Grandma makes it. And we just watch football,” Silas L. said.

Pumpkin pie is the favorite holiday food of five-year-old Kyler O.

“You put a pumpkin in the oven, turn it up to 190 degrees, and it turns into a pumpkin pie and you put whipped cream on it,” he said.

Thanksgiving is a day we celebrate so we can be with family, Kyler O. said.

Coleman A., 5, said his family goes to his grandma’s house to celebrate Thanksgiving, but he doesn’t eat a lot because he doesn’t want to get too full.

He had a theory as to why we celebrate Thanksgiving.

“I think it’s because of the food,” Coleman A. said.

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