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Man On Marshals Most Wanted List Arrested

February 20, 1986

DETROIT (AP) _ A convicted bank robber and suspected organized crime enforcer who was on U.S. Marshal Service’s ″15 Most Wanted″ list has been arrested in the Detroit area, a spokesman for the U.S. Marshal Service says.

Bernard Anthony Marchesani, 61, was arrested by a special team of deputy U.S. marshals at 9 p.m. Wednesday as he left his apartment in Wayne County’s Van Buren Township, said service spokesman Steve Boyle in Washinghton.

Marchesani had been traced by the service’s investigators to the Harbor Club Apartments.

One deputy and a Van Buren Township police officer, posing as building security guards, went to the Marchesani apartment where they told him they thought his car had been vandalized in a nearby parking area, Boyle said.

When Marchesani went outside to inspect the damage, police arrested him.

Boyle said Marchesani was armed with a loaded .32 Browning automatic. Five other weapons and a safe containing diamonds and other jewelry were also found in the apartment.

Marchesani was indicted by a federal grand jury in May 1981 on charges of extortion. He was freed on $25,000 bond, but failed to appear for the trial. He also was wanted for parole violation in connection with a previous conviction on bank robbery charges.

Marchesani was added to the U.S. Marshal Service’s most wanted list because of his suspected ties to major organizing crime figures and reputation as an enforcer, Boyle said.

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