Creating a healthier county

November 22, 2018

La PORTE – The Healthcare Foundation of La Porte hosted an award presentation for this year’s second grant cycle, at which 44 La Porte County organizations were granted funding for their projects to help make it a healthier county.

The Healthcare Foundation awarded a grand total of $5,356,798 during this year’s two grant cycles. Each promises to make an impact in one of three strategic focus areas (Healthy Children, Healthy Minds, Healthy Living) or contribute to the overall health and wellness of the area.

The Foundation also held a commencement ceremony for its first group of Non-Profit Leadership Academy graduates during the program at the La Porte Civic Auditorium.

Foundation president and CEO Maria Fruth told the audience, “We are fortunate enough to be able to partner with Indiana University, bring the school to La Porte, and give scholarships to leaders of not-for-profits in our community.”

Mayor Mark Krentz spoke about how the foundation grant money is going to help further develop the city.

“While the vision and mission of the foundation is concise, the impact generated by the foundation is profound and game-changing for all of us. We in the city of La Porte are extremely grateful for the contributions from the foundation, because it enables us to accelerate the efforts that we have to attain our vision for a healthy community.”

A large portion of the grant money will be put into La Porte’s parks. Kesling Park will be getting a new outdoor fitness court and indoor batting cages. The park will also be getting shade sails over the bleachers and the Bill Reed Tennis Complex renovated.

Allesee and Rumely Parks will also be getting their respective tennis courts renovated. Some other park projects include a climbing rock wall at Stone Lake Beach, PlayCube Structure at Fox Park, and automated external defibrillators (AEDs) for three regional parks.

In addition, funding has been made available for the Park and Recreation Department to extend its free drop-in-program activities for summer break.

“This funding allowed us to increase the number of days of provided activities for youth 5 to 10 years old,” Krentz said. “As a result, we tripled the number of participants and weekly attendance over the summer.”

“These amenities illustrate the quality that we are all about. As these things improve and become more visible, it will be clear that we are dedicated to healthy living,” the mayor said.

2018 HFL Award Recipients for Grant Cycles 1 and 2


• La Porte Park and Recreation Department: $65,000 to renovate and build additions to existing playground structure

• Dunebrook: $82,338 to provide education and prevent child maltreatment cases; $45,500 to educate the community about the child sexual abuse, and how to prevent and respond to it

• Family Advocates: $36,800 for CASA Youth Specialist to advocate for and advise foster youth ages 13 to 21

• La Porte Community School Corporation: $5,000 for Postponing Sexual Involvement, teaching values such as abstinence from sexual involvement, respecting oneself, how to cope with peer pressure, and honoring the feelings of others; and $52,000 for Family/Community Resource Services to support students and families with ENL services, skill building, and resource links and service coordination

• La Porte County Health Department: $11,000 for Cribs for Kids to provide safe sleep education and free safe sleep kit

• La Porte Hospital: $67,606 for the Lil’ F.I.S.H. Club to instil healthy behaviors in 4th- and 2nd-graders using state standards for education and incorporating physical activity; and $165,323 for the Slicer Health Clinic

• Open Door Community Alliance: $25,000 for the Open Door Adolescent Health Center that emphasizes comprehensive, accessible, and continuous care for adolescents

• The Salvation Army: $79,500 for Weekend Backpack Food for Kids which provide six healthy kid friendly meals to 400 students from four schools on the weekends during the school year

• Women’s Care Center: $25,000 for Building Capacity for Healthier Babies health services and support to expectant mothers and babies

HEALTHY LIVING - $2,963,242

• Bethany Church: $25,000 for LaPark Playground renovation and additions

• City of La Porte: $60,000 for Chessie Trail Phase 2 Engineering; $570,089 for Clear Lake Trailhead and Boardwalk; $425,000 Clear Lake Recreational Improvements

• La Porte Park and Recreation Department: $57,500 for Allesee and Rumely Park Tennis Courts; $181,768 for Kesling Park Batting Cages and Shade Sails; $119,223 for Outdoor Fitness Court in Kesling Park; $64,800 to purchase automated external defibrillators, lightning detector systems and radar speed signs for three parks; $20,000 for Soldiers Memorial Park Renovations; $90,669 for Stone Lake and Fox Park equipment, including a climbing rock wall at Stone Lake and PlayCube structure at Fox; $19,972 for Summer Playground Program; $165,000 to renovate the Bill Reed Tennis Complex in Kesling Park

• Family Advocates: $17,736 for Teaching Wellness During Supervised Parenting Time program, which includes education, encouragement and an environment for healthy eating habits and routine physical activity

• Friendship Botanic Gardens: $25,000 for Wild-Fit Trail Phase 2, five new strength-training exercise equipment stations throughout the wilderness trails

• La Porte County Emergency Medical Service: $37,500 to purchase a video laryngoscope for every EMS vehicle

• La Porte County Family YMCA: $33,934 for Evidence Based Health Intervention Program expansion to incorporate improving mobility and blood pressure self-monitoring into programs

• La Porte Fire Chief’s Assn.: $49,375 for County Firefighter Hood Project to equip each firefighter, career and volunteer, in La Porte County with particulate blocking protective hood

• La Porte Hospital: $125,000 for Community Outreach on ongoing health screenings and health fairs, to support discharged patients, and provide concussion testing for high school student athletes

• La Porte Community Health Center & La Porte Dental Center: $650,000 to provide access to affordable medical and dental services for community members challenged with low income or no insurance

• La Porte Meals on Wheels: $25,000 for restructuring Our Future Growth program

• MSD of New Durham Township: $23,204 for Westville Wellness Initiative to establish strength training class for middle and high school students, conditioning for student athletics, exercise sessions and yoga classes for staff members, and open weight room facility to community members

• New Prairie United School Corporation: $147,472 for New Prairie Empower Hour, safe space for students after school to learn healthy, safe, and responsible behaviors

• North Central Community Action Agencies: $20,000 to construct wheelchair ramps and perform home safety repairs for elderly and/or disabled low-income residents

• Social and Learning Institute for the Disadvantaged: $10,000 for Health & Wellness Program classes to achieve health goals and benchmarks for students

HEALTHY MINDS - $1,025,898

• Citizens Concerned for the Homeless: $24,000 for a Keys to Hope Community Resource Center case manager

• Family Advocates: $19,000 for CASA Volunteer Coordinator

• Frontline Foundations: $67,159 for Comprehensive Health Initiative including trauma-focused counseling, eye movement desensitization psychotherapy, and medication assisted treatment to address trauma, addiction and physical health

• Healthy Communities of La Porte County: $14,000 for suicide prevention education for parents, educators, first responders, and community members

• La Porte County Public Library: $24,437 for a Community Resource Coordinator to provide community members access to critical health resources

• Swanson Center: $731,812 for Detox Now program to eliminate barriers for community members in need of inpatient/residential detox and subsequent addictions treatment

• Dunes House: $14,490 for Nine Beds Scholarship to supplement rent payments for men entering long-term recovery program

• Intrepid Phoenix: $25,000 to combine the fellowship and unity of a 12 Step Program with a holistic approach to fitness in recovery

• Youth Service Bureau: $60,000 for Kids on the Block to educate second-graders about physical and sexual abuse

• La Porte County Schools: $100,000 for Partners in Prevention planning grants to 15 schools for prevention programs


• Arts in the Park: $25,000 for Dennis Smith Amphitheater expansion; and $15,000 for Summer Concert Series

• Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Gary: $7,707 for Lifeline Utility Assistance program; $15,461 for Preventing Homelessness assistance to help residents avoid eviction or foreclosure

• Citizens Concerned for the Homeless: $3,912 for Grace Learning Center’s Nurturing Parenting Program

• La Porte Police Department: $12,565 for AED and First Aid equipment including Automated External Defibrillators and equipment for the Police Department and City Hall

• Indiana Guardianship Services Inc.: $17,700 for Adult Guardianship Program

• La Porte Community School Corporation: $15,000 for ICU-Individual, Creative and Unique program on awareness and skill building for students and families struggling with self-regulation, mental health concerns and life trauma: $4,135 for Kingsbury Healthy Families initiative; $25,000 for Middle School Afternoon Success Program; and $20,756 for Slicer Champions School-based Mentoring Program

• La Porte County Family YMCA: $25,000 for Volunteer Capacity Building to develop volunteer capacity and processes to recruit more volunteers, expand program impact, and maximize health outcomes

• La Porte County Symphony Orchestra: $15,000 for Children’s Education Concert

• Leadership La Porte County: $7,100 for Youth 2018-19 Program on the skills, and ideas to improve the community through service-led projects and civic engagement

• Michigan City Area Schools: $23,189 for All About M.M.E. (Mindful Motor Enrichment) program to provide motor enrichment activities to build self regulation skills

• MSD of New Durham Township: $24,999 for Westville Little School, a collaboration with Purdue Northwest and Dunebrook to offer 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds and their families an educational opportunity integrated with home visits and social service support

• North Central Community Action Agencies: $8,000 for Children Vision Screening Program

• Open Door Community Alliance: $10,000 for Medication Assistance Program

• Paladin: $25,000 for Transportation for the Elderly, Disabled, and Medically Fragile

• READ La Porte County: $10,000 for ESL Classes with a Health & Wellness Component

• Reins of Life: $22,844 for Equine-assisted Learning program in collaboration with South La Porte Special Education Cooperative

• Stepping Stone Shelter for Women: $10,000 for Transitioning from Violence to Safety program, offering crisis lines, intervention, temporary shelter, clothing and food, transitional housing, counseling, support groups, and advocacy to victims of domestic violence

• Singing Company of La Porte County: $2,000 for Children’s Chorus

• United Way of La Porte County: $10,000 for 2018 La Porte Community Schools Kindergarten Countdown Camps

• Unity Foundation of La Porte County: $25,000 for Vibrant Communities of La Porte County program, a grass roots, county-wide action agenda for the 15 communities of La Porte County and the county as a whole

• We Connect: $25,000 for a Success Coach who will offer onsite career mentoring and professional development for at-risk employees

• Yana Service Club: $25,000 for Handicap Access Ramp


• Meals on Wheels

• Nonprofit Leadership Academy

• Ten2030.org

LEGACY FUNDING (supports Former La Porte Hospital Foundation programs) - $203,661

• Breast Cancer Prevention​

• Cancer Patient Assistance​

• Chapel Programs​

• Children’s Programs​

• La Porte Hospital Auxiliary Projects​

• Samaritan Assistance

• Scholarships

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