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State Department Accuses Afghanistan Of ‘Disinformation’

April 2, 1987

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The State Department on Wednesday accused Afghanistan of ″disinformation″ for saying that Pakistan shot down one of its passenger planes.

″This strikes us as typical disinformation out of Kabul. That regime’s credibility on such information is not high,″ said State Department spokeswoman Deborah Cavin.

Ms. Cavin noted that the Pakistani government had reported shooting down an Afghani military craft, one of two which infiltrated 10 miles into Pakistani air space. ″One was shot down after being challenged by Pakistani air force planes,″ she said.

In Islamabad, the Foreign Ministry said Wednesday that an Afghan plane shot down Monday by Pakistani fighters was a military aircraft, but did not rule out the possibility that it may have been a transport plane.

Afghanistan claimed Tuesday that 40 people were killed on the downed plane.

Afghanistan’s Communist government said the plane was a Soviet-made Antonov-26 on a routine civilian passenger flight from the capital of Kabul to the border town of Khost. Khost is a military base surrounded by guerrilla forces and only military aircraft are known to fly there.

Afghanistan’s government charged Wednesday that the United States had ordered Pakistan to shoot down the plane, but gave no further details.

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