Water leak shuts down Wayne County Courthouse

August 22, 2018

Courtesy of BJ Willis After a 6” water line busted in Wayne, the Wayne County Courthouse closed early Monday due a water outage. The leak was one of several over the last few weeks within the Wayne system.

WAYNE — A 6-inch waterline main break on the top of the hill in the Town of Wayne on Monday caused the Wayne County Courthouse to close early and many to be without water for several hours.

Orginally, it was believed the problem would only effect those in the immediate area, but that proved to not be the case.

“We have to shut down the waterline on top of the hill in Wayne,” Town of Wayne Mayor Danny Grace said in a social media announcement. “This should only effect business’s and residents in the immediate area on the hill out lying areas should not be effected.”

After several hours, Grace reported the water would slowly be turned back on.

“We are turning the water back on now we have to ease it on so we reduce the chance of blowing other lines,” he said. “We will be flushing as we do this to keep as much air as possible out of the lines. So, give it time to reach full pressure but you should have water very soon. Thank you.”

The break was one of many leaks or problems in the last few weeks, and the beginning of a widespread outage ranging from Monday into Tuesday.

Low water pressure or complete outages were reported in areas such as Wilsons Creek, Garretts Creek, Roanake Circle, Route 37 towards East Lynn and on U.S. 152 south toward Genoa Monday morning and early afternoon.

The cause of the problem was not clear as of press time.

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