Bold Nebraska pleased with blocking of Keystone XL

November 12, 2018

LINCOLN - Federal Judge Brian Morris of the District Court in Montana ruled the Trump Administrations justification for moving TransCanada’s Keystone XL oil pipeline forward was incomplete.

Bold Nebraska Founder Jane Kleeb is very pleased with the decision. The group has fought the pipeline project for about 9 years.

Kleeb says, “From day one we have said if TransCanada was serious about helping America get off of foreign oil, which was their argument for Americans when they were selling this pipeline, then they would be helping Oklahoma oil, Texas, Bakken oil. This is not an American oil pipeline. This is a foreign tar sands pipeline and they want to get it to the export market out of the coast of Texas because the only people who want this form of oil, it is a heavier form of oil, is Asia.” She says if TransCanada wants to sell foreign tar sands to Asia, do it from your own coast.

Kleeb says America is going to have to have a balanced energy approach moving forward that includes a little bit of natural gas, oil and hopefully a lot more clean energy. Bold Nebraska is fighting the eminent domain issue that has been threatening Nebraska landowners for years.

Kleeb goes on to say, “The reality is this pipeline was never good. Is never good. Is never going to be built.”

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