Community theater comes to Laughlin

May 1, 2019

LAUGHLIN — Comedy, a mystery and interesting characters are what “Cloak and Dagger” provided those who attended the performance.

The River Cities Community Theater Players production of “Cloak and Dagger” which is a spoof of “Casablanca” was in Laughlin for four performances at the Laughlin Junior/Senior High School auditorium, the first venture by the Players across the Colorado River.

“Cloak and Dagger” is set in 1942 in Nicks Café in a war zone located in North Africa.

From the start of the play to the end, the actors had the audience entertained and laughing at every joke.

“It was hysterical,” said audience member Lacey Huft. “All of the actors did an incredible job and it was so funny that I had water coming out of my eyes.”

In comedy, timing is one of the most important elements that actors have to get right. The actors who brought “Cloak and Dagger” to life had that timing and chemistry needed to put a great show together.

“It was very entertaining and witty,” said Colleen Ludin.

One of the goals that Pamela Stevens, director of the play, had going into the production was for the audience to laugh and have a great time.

“I was glad that the audience was engaged and laughing during the play,” said Stevens. “We had a great turnout today and I’m thrilled by the response that we got.”