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How To Win Sweepstakes

May 18, 1998

Tips to improve chances in sweepstakes:

_Follow rules to the letter. A 4-by-8 postcard means exactly that.

_Make entry cards out of boxes from the sponsor’s product. It catches their eye and saves you money.

_If a contest calls for entries on odd-sized paper or written in all block letters, enter more often. Harder requirements mean fewer entrants.

_Besides the store’s drop box, put an entry in the mail. Some stores forget to send in the boxes.

_Prizes may be taxed. Don’t enter for something you can’t sell, like a trip, unless you can afford to pay the taxes.

_The shorter the entry window, the better the odds.

_Set a postage budget and stick to it.

_Stagger entries throughout the life of the contest.

_Print legibly. Judges toss entries they can’t read.

(Sources: ``Winning Ways″ newsletter; Ron Haines, sweepstaker; Jackie Lewis, spokeswoman for Puget Sound Clams club.)

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