OLYMPIA, Wash. (AP) _ A Republican logging supporter defeated the incumbent for his legislative seat by one vote after a recount, but she didn't gloat in the ''campaign from hell.''

''You can bet I'm not going to be running up and down the street yelling, 'Hey, I'm Representative Goos.' I'm not going to act like an idiot,'' said Ann Goos, whose name rhymes with dose.

State Rep. Evan Jones, D-Sequim, said he'll contest Wednesday's results and demand a new recount.

There is no legal limit to the number of recounts and the Legislature could be asked to decide which candidate to seat, said David Brine, spokesman for Secretary of State Ralph Munro.

''It ain't over 'til it's over,'' Jones said.

Going into the recount, Jones led the race for the 24th District seat by five votes. But when new tallies were added from three counties, he trailed by one vote. The new total: Goos 16,167, Jones 16,166.

Jones said he's evaluating which precincts and counties to include in his demand for a recount, and whether to seek a hand recount or a computer recount. He has to pay five cents a ballot for the recheck.

''The one silver lining is that ... everyone thinks it is their vote that made the difference - and they're all right, of course,'' Jones said. ''People can know that literally one vote makes a difference.''

Goos summed up the race as the ''campaign from hell.''