Moron of the Morning: Man Forges Divorce Papers With New Girlfriend

August 25, 2018

A Louisiana woman was surprised to find that she was recently granted a divorce in Caddo District Court even though she was not seeking one, according to Caddo Sheriff Steve Prator.

Her husband, Demario Clark, 27, has been arrested with filing false public records, and his girlfriend, Lisa McKinney, 50, has been arrested for forging the woman’s name on the papers. Earlier this month, the woman discovered documents showing divorce paperwork between her and her husband had been filed and granted. She did not have any knowledge of the proceedings nor did she have any wish to divorce her husband, said Sheriff’s Det. Mike King.

Evidence was discovered showing Clark and McKinney had the papers drawn up; McKinney is believed to have forged Mrs. Clark’s signature; and Clark filed the paperwork with the Caddo Parish Clerk’s Office. McKinney testified as a witness on Clark’s behalf during the proceedings. The divorce was granted on Aug. 1. Both Clark and McKinney were booked into Caddo Correctional Center following their arrests.

-Shreveport Times

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