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March 30, 1990

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) _ The years of separation never drove Larry Hyre’s 1967 Corvette Stingray from his heart. Still, he never expected to see it again after it was stolen in 1971.

Hyre, an Atlanta attorney who grew up in Parkersburg, was astounded recently to learn that police had found the car earlier this month.

″It’s like an old friend you haven’t seen in 19 years,″ he said.

Hyre, now 42, bought the car in 1969 with money he earned from summer jobs. It was stolen two years later, while he was attending law school at West Virginia University.

Sheriff’s deputies in Henry County, Ohio, found the blue Stingray while helping with the foreclosure of an investment company that specialized in old Corvettes, Sheriff John Nye said Thursday.

Police tracked down Hyre’s parents, Ruth and Kermit, who still held the car’s insurance and registration papers.

Hyre drives a Mercedes these days, but he wouldn’t consider giving up the Corvette again.

″It’s got too many memories. It went to all the Pitt and Penn State away games,″ Hyre said. ″It was quite a car for a college student to have, especially in those days.″


NEW YORK (AP) - It was just going to be a beheading. But looking at the potbellied, sculpted figure of the previous champion weight loser, Guinness officials said Friday the whole body would probably have to go.

Michael Hebranko, 35, of Brooklyn - who now holds that title - heaved a sigh of relief. ″I hate that T-shirt and that underwear,″ he said.

Hebranko recently wrested the World’s Champion Slimmer title from William J. ″Happy Humphrey″ Cobb of Georgia by losing 687 pounds in 24 months. Cobb lost 582 pounds in 32 months.

Guinness Book of World Record officials like to keep things exact, so they planned on replacing Cobb’s sculpted head at their Empire State Building museum with one of Hebranko. The rest of the body - that of a potbellied man wearing a green sleeveless T-shirt and polka-dot boxer shorts - was going to stay.

But that’s just not Hebranko.

What would he like his monument to look like? ″Patrick Swayze,″ he said. Failing that, Hebranko said, ″I hope they at least change the underwear.″

Hebranko lost the weight under the supervision of diet guru Richard Simmons and medical doctors from St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital.

His former 115-inch waist is now a svelte 38. His weight has dropped from 905 and now hovers between 212 and 220.

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