Havasu first responders, HRMC stage emergency drill

November 9, 2018

There are some disasters that Lake Havasu City residents might believe to be “unthinkable.” But for Havasu’s emergency services, such incidents aren’t unimaginable, and that distinction could one day save lives.

Havasu Regional Medical Center coordinated with the Lake Havasu City Police and Fire Departments, River Medical, Air Methods and the Community Emergency Response Team this week in a “Fright Night” emergency preparedness drill.

The goal of the drill was to simulate a disaster that may occur at any of Havasu’s large, crowded festivals – including the city’s annual “Fright Night” event on Main Street. According to HRMC spokesman Ryan Perkins, the drill involved a hypothetical scenario: The driver of a vehicle, plowing through a crowded festival, causing 14 casualties of varying degrees. The victims in this scenario would require transportation to Havasu Regional Medical Center via local ambulance services.

“Drills are most effective when real-life scenarios are used,” Perkins said. “We attempt to use examples that have happened recently. Law enforcement has measures in place at each local event or festival to keep our communities safe, but there are times when extraordinary incidents occur. Preparing for a multitude of scenarios prepares us to better respond.”

According to Perkins, such drills are performed annually. Community-wide scenarios allow agencies to assess interagency action and communication, Perkins said, while self-contained scenarios by each agency allow organizations to work on specific details of emergency response, Perkins said.

The “Fright Night” emergency preparedness drill took place Tuesday morning at 1750 Mesquite Ave.

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