LONDON (AP) _ Argentineans landed Saturday in the Falkland Islands, becoming the first to take advantage of a new agreement between Britain and Argentina, the Foreign Office said.

Britain and Argentina fought a war in 1982 over the islands, which are claimed by both countries but controlled by Britain.

Previously, visits had been restricted to close relatives of Argentine war dead buried on the South Atlantic islands.

Referring to Saturday's visit, Sukey Cameron, London representative for the local government in the Falkland Islands, said: ``We hope it will help them realize just how British we are, and that we do not want to become part of Argentina.''

There was no ceremony for the Argentineans, who went through the usual immigration procedures for visitors to the islands.

The group, including a number of journalists, booked seats on the first Lan Chile flight to the British colony since service was suspended in March. Chile had canceled the flights to protest the arrest of its former head of state, Gen. Augusto Pinochet, in Britain.