NY Governor Has No Respect For Life

February 10, 2019

Editor: It saddens me greatly when New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo has no respect for a child so viable and so real. No one has the right to abort a baby in any stage of his of her life unless you want to commit a murder. Aborting a baby is murder and anyone who does so will certainly have to answer to God for one of the greatest sins of immorality. I had been told after my first child I could never have another child, and when I had gone to the doctor, pregnant again, after two years, he had said I should have an abortion for I would never carry another baby. I had the second child and I then had become pregnant with my third child and I went to a different doctor and had the third child. I had a doctor, three nurses, and then pregnant with the fourth child who became a lawyer. All professional children with the help of the almighty God. If I had listened to my first doctor and had an abortion, I never would have had my wonderful family. Anyone wishing to have an abortion, please, do not murder your child whom God will create for you specially. Alma Berlot NANTICOKE

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