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Polish Diplomat Expelled for Enlisting Spies, Report Says

December 22, 1987

STOCKHOLM, Sweden (AP) _ A Polish diplomat ordered to leave the country was charged with illegal intelligence activities, which reportedly included attempts to recruit Swedish spies, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said Tuesday.

Newspapers identified the diplomat as Zbigniew Lasota, 32, vice consul at the Polish consulate in the southern city of Malmo.

The Foreign Ministry refused to identify the Polish diplomat.

The Polish Ambassador was told Monday by the ministry that the official had failed to act ″in accordance with his consular status,″ and that he had been ″active in a way that violated Swedish law.″

The ambassador was also notified that Poland would not be allowed to replace the expelled diplomat. Foreign Ministry spokesman Annika Wiren said another Polish diplomat, who already arrived in Sweden but had not started working at the Polish Consulate General, was not granted permission to work at the Polish misson.

″We expect he is returning to Poland as he can’t function in his expected role,″ Wiren said.

Swedish daily newspaper Svenska Dagbladet said Lasota has served in Sweden since 1985 and would have returned to Poland next June. He was given 10 days to leave the country.

Swedish security police had long kept Lasota under surveillance and concluded he was trying to recruit Swedish spies, the newspaper said.

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