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Judge Kimba Wood’s Financier Friend Talks

August 10, 1995

NEW YORK (AP) _ The millionaire financier whose diaries revealed passionate feelings for federal Judge Kimba Wood says they are old friends who turned to romance only after their marriages foundered.

Frank Richardson and the 51-year-old judge were romantically linked after the 55-year-old financier’s wife, Nancy, submitted his diaries to a Manhattan divorce court as evidence of his alleged adultery.

But in an interview in today’s New York Post, Richardson protested that ``it is unfair to portray me as a wrongdoer. My marriage was totally over.″

Richardson told columnist Cindy Adams that he and Wood met for lunch after his wife filed for divorce, and ``it was just two hearts talking.″ But now that their romance has become grist for New York’s tabloids, he said, he and Wood will ``not see one another for awhile.″

Wood, once on President Clinton’s short list for U.S. attorney general, is estranged from her husband, Time magazine columnist Michael Kramer. She was expected to return to the bench today after an Italian vacation.

Richardson said he has known Wood longer than his wife. ``I met Nancy in ’73, Kimba in ’66. We were friends″ at Harvard Law School, he said. ``Ours was the routine let’s-have-lunch once a year.″

``She’d said her marriage was struggling. I’d said I was having trouble.″

The Richardsons, who have three children, are fighting to divide a $100 million-plus fortune, including a Long Island mansion and a Fifth Avenue apartment.

Asked why he described his intimate feelings in a diary, Richardson said he’d been advised to keep a record of his marital problems.

As for a report that Richardson was once involved with the late Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, he said only that as a skilled horseback rider, ``I would take Jackie hunting in Pennsylvania. I was like her ski instructor only that it had to do with horses. That was one of her loves and that’s what we shared.″

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