Bringing La Porte County together

October 11, 2018

La PORTE — Local photographer Nancy Addie brought the beauty of La Porte County to the mainstream with her photo of Michigan City’s lighthouse at sunset after a raging storm.

The image won her second place in The Weather Channel’s “It’s Amazing Out There” photo contest.

With the support of her followers, her picture was chosen out of thousands to be a finalist in the competition. There were more than 34,000 photo submissions in the contest. Addie’s second place prize in the fan contest earned her a $750 reward from The Weather Channel.

“I just want to spread positivity in La Porte County, because La Porte rocks!” said Addie. “There is just so much negativity that you see online, so I thought I would try and focus on posting positive things and give joy back to the community.”

Addie recalls discovering the beauty of La Porte County around three years ago when she starting storm chasing for CBS. It was while she was out taking pictures of storms that she realized the bounty the county had to offer.

Her love of photographing storms led her to the lighthouse along Lake Michigan to capture the violet sunset reflecting off of the wet concrete pier.

Addie, along with her husband, Chad, spends between two to five hours a day scouting for new sights to photograph. Chad recalled holding an umbrella over Nancy as she was capturing her second place-winning lighthouse photo, protecting Nancy and her phone from the drizzle that remained.

She captured the exquisite scene using only her Samsung Galaxy 9. Addie typically uses her Nikon Coolpix B700 point-and-shoot camera, in which she affectionately refers to as “little red,” to capture images of La Porte County. However, on this day, she found that the image came out looking better on her phone.

Entering the contest was suggested to Addie by one of her Facebook friends last year. It was only after entering last year’s contest and placing fifth that she become adamant about showcasing the beauty of La Porte County.

Although she admits to hosting a straw poll on her Facebook page of what image she should submit, she knew in her heart what photograph she would be submitting into the contest. The lighthouse photograph, she said, embodied her mission to spread positivity in La Porte County by focusing on the beauty others take for granted.

When Addie is not occupied with photography, she is a busy farmer. She and her husband run their very own farm, Addie Acres. The couple frequently host visitors at the farm. They welcome the community to come and meet their many beloved animals. These animals range from their quirky dog Chippie, to mini horses, micro pigs and alpacas.

“We would never charge,” said Addie. “We just want to be a blessing to La Porte County.”

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