Cops: Lake Delton man made ‘terrorist threats’ against employer

January 16, 2019

Authorities say a Lake Delton made comments suggesting he might carry out a mass shooting against his employer and sent a threatening email in which he referenced a “thirst for blood.”

The Sauk County District Attorney’s Office has charged 51-year-old Timothy J. Winchell with one felony count of making terrorist threats for alleged behavior that was reported to authorities last week.

According to the criminal complaint, Winchell made comments to two different employees of Korth Transfer, a Reedsburg-based dairy transporting business, in which he hinted at carrying out a mass shooting.

One employee told a Reedsburg police officer that Winchell said something along the lines of, “Wouldn’t it be a shame if someone came in and shot everyone up?” The employee told authorities Winchell has anger issues.

The complaint says the same employee forwarded investigators a profanity-laced email from Winchell entitled “I’m being fired… for what, exactly?”

In the email, Winchell allegedly requested a face-to-face meeting in public, so that the person he was emailing would feel “less threatened by my guns and thirst for blood.” Authorities say he attached a picture of a small handgun and his conceal carry permit.

The photo of the gun allegedly had the following message attached: “My S&W Body guard is for self-defense, not aggression,” a possible reference to Smith & Wesson, a firearms manufacturer.

Another employee told police that Winchell made a comment to him last week in which he said something similar to the following: “One of these days a driver is going to park his truck and clean it out because he knows he is not coming back. He will go into dispatch and start shooting people. He will then find the fifth person in the bathroom with his pants around his ankles because he will be (expletive) his pants scared and then one head shot it will be over.”

Winchell was booked and released on a $5,000 signature bond. He may have no contact with Korth Transfer, any of its employees, or any of their family members.

If convicted, Winchell faces up to 3 years and 6 months in prison. He is due to appear in court Feb. 22.

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