Representatives’ disappointment in Evers’ budget

March 7, 2019

State Rep. John Jagler, R-Watertown, said he is disappointed with Gov. Tony Evers’ budget request, which was presented in a joint session of the Legislature in recent days.

“Thanks to the last eight years of careful budgeting and tough decisions, Wisconsin’s economy is in great shape,” Jagler said. “Gov. Evers was presented with an opportunity to craft a spending plan which starts from one of the best financial situations we have been in in a generation. Instead of building upon it, he is intent on blowing it up and returning to days of deficits and skyrocketing taxes. Before he was elected, Gov. Evers said he wasn’t going to raise taxes. That’s why it was jaw-dropping that his proposal will increase taxes by over a billion dollars in the next two years. In addition, property taxes would also shoot up. It wasn’t a budget proposal, it was a liberal wish list of spending that is completely irresponsible.”

Jagler said Evers “drastically called for expanding welfare programs.”

“And what’s worse, (he) wants to remove accountability in those programs by removing work and drug testing requirements we put in place,” Jagler said. “He also called for taking away educational opportunities from parents by capping the parental school choice program for low-income families. He knows this would never fly with me and my Republican colleagues. Yet he chose the path of divisiveness rather than bipartisanship ... This is beyond disappointing.”

State Rep. Barbara Dittrich, R-Oconomowoc, of the 38th Assembly District, also said, “I was concerned and disappointed to hear how Gov. Evers’ budget harms our children, attempts to raise our taxes, and takes our state in the wrong direction. In his first few weeks in office, he talked about working together and the first chance he had to do so, he vetoed a tax cut for the middle class. Despite what the governor has proposed, we can continue to move our state in the right direction without raising taxes.”

Dittrich said Wisconsin “is in excellent shape thanks to responsible budgeting by Republican leadership for the last eight years, and a new budget should not be able to take residents back to days of debt and irresponsible spending.”

She said, “This governor would also like to all but legalize marijuana at a time when we are trying to combat the epidemics of vaping and opioids. This budget would also restore funding to a private nonprofit that is known to kill babies at a time when Wisconsin is already at a historic low for birth rates.”