Valley Santa Donations 12/25

December 25, 2018

Many people have donated to Valley Santa to purchase Christmas gifts for children in need throughout Luzerne County. Donors include: Bill and Laura Smith, $50. Bonnie and Michael Palumbo, $25. St. Benedicts Council of Catholic Women, Wilkes-Barre, $100. John Bour, $200. In memory of Brothers Gil & Mike and Sister Evie by Albert Chesney, $25. Thomas and Joann Pellegrini, $35. In memory of Peter and Lillian Jacobs by Ronald and Lawrence Jacobs, $50. JLW Mountain Laurel Lions Club, $100. Dave and Lisa Dudeck, $50. Daniel and Mary Gayle Maisano, $25. In memory of Rosemary McCarthy, $50. Jo Anna Naylor, $100. In memory of Richard M. Ferguson, $100. From Rick and Gail Glosser in memory of Louis Glosser and David Morgan, $100. Connie Kretchmer, $15. Ursula Cresci, $50. Stella and Anthony Szymanski, $25. In memory of George and Hal Monash, $100. Joe Novick, $20. Shanti Wesley and Christopher Graham, $250. Donna Kochan $25.00 In memory of Jerry Kutney, $25. Mary and Kathy Kane, $50. In memory of Marie Kuharchik by A&M Electrical Construction, $500. In memory of our grandson Karden Abul-Ela by Rosemary and Ray Calabrese, Pittston, $50. Linda and Alexander Monelli Jr., $100. Barbara Davis, $50. James and Maureen Bukavich, $20. In memory of Patricia Tischler, $100. In memory of Bernard Yashkus, $50. William and Rita Kuklewicz, $25. In memory of Jackie Gallagher, $100. In memory of Daniel Dule, $50. Catherine De Angelis, $100. Frank and Sandra Orlando, $100. Marcia and Sam Barbose, $50. Jim and Joanne Thomas, $50. Carol and Patrick Murphy, $10. In loving memory of Ed and Eddie Turchin by Bonnie and Pam Turchin, $50. In memory of Harry and Marie Sawchak and John and Rita Bustin, $50. Charles Coslett, $75. In memory of Bill and Christopher Harding from Marie Harding, $50. In memory of William and Madelyn Lavan from Marie Harding, $50. In memory of Mr. and Mrs. John Gibbon and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Kennedy, $50. Rosemary Avillion, $20. In memory of Rich Urban Jr., $50. John J. and Josephine Thomas Charitable Foundation, $1,000.

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