Community solar

May 13, 2019

Why not discuss Community Solar at ‘Our Energy Future’ forum to be held May 20

Idaho Power has executed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Jackpot Solar for the purchase of up to 220 MW of renewable solar generation from a proposed Idaho solar facility at what appears to be at or near nationwide record low pricing. Idaho Power was approached in late September 2018 by Jackpot Solar where it offered to sell to Idaho Power the output from a 120 MW solar facility with very low pricing, significantly below both average market prices and Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act of 1978 (’PURPA) avoided cost rates applicable to solar facilities....First-year pricing for 120 MW is

$21.75/megawatt-hour (“MWh”) and pricing for 220 MW is $23.11/MWh

This represents an installed cost of about $1/watt.

Case No. IPC-E-19-14

Power Purchase Agreement with Jackpot Holdings, LLC - Idaho Power Company’s Application and Testimony

Received - Apr. 4, 2019

According to the Idaho State Journal article of May 2, 2019 “Solarize Pocatello: ‘Going solar good on wallet, good for planet’

A typical installation would be 6 kilowatts for $18,300 according to Mike Engle of Solarize Pocatello.

That is $3.05/watt. Therefore, a community solar installation, would be cheaper at $1/watt versus rooftop solar at $3/watt.

I have proposed to many Pocatello leaders to use the Perry Nelson Ranch (156 acres for 10megawatts) east of Idaho State University for such an installation and found NO support in Pocatello.

(Contact Steve Nelson at perrynelsonranch@aol.com if others would like to support large solar in Pocatello at $1 to $2/watt versus $3/watt)

Maybe someone at the upcoming ‘Our Energy Future’ forum to be held May 20 will ask why Solarize Pocatello DOES NOT support community solar as a better solution than roof top solar.

Idaho Power Co. and J.R. Simplot (via Jackpot Solar) think it is a good idea to build larger rather than smaller.

Steve Nelson,