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Starr Complains About Ginsburg

November 20, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ The bad blood between Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and the garrulous California lawyer who took up Monica Lewinsky’s case in the early days of the investigation hasn’t subsided yet. And Starr was reminded anew of his feud with William Ginsburg during Thursday’s impeachment hearing.

When President Clinton’s lawyer, David Kendall, cross-examined Starr by using an essay Ginsburg had written months ago for Time magazine that accused prosecutors of mistreating his client, Starr bristled.

``Mr. Ginsburg is wrong, and he must know that he is wrong,″ Starr retorted. ``He was wrong then, and it is a calumny to repeat that now. Mr. Ginsburg was not known for his consistency of articulating positions.″

Ginsburg and Starr’s office had reached a tentative agreement for Miss Lewinsky’s cooperation early in the investigation but the deal was never consummated because Starr insisted that the former intern first submit to an interview before getting immunity from prosecution.

Ginsburg balked, and the two sides spent months trading insults before Miss Lewinsky replaced Ginsburg with a new legal team that eventually won her immunity. Starr hadn’t forgotten the magazine article Ginsburg wrote during the height of that dispute.

``I would say that he was rather fast and loose with the facts. And if you are going to rely in this proceeding on a Time magazine essay by Bill Ginsburg, then I think the standards are not quite as lofty as I thought they would be this evening,″ Starr told Kendall.

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