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Cold Front Hits Ohio Valley, Northeast With Rain

September 8, 1992

Undated (AP) _ A cold front pushing up the Ohio Valley produced showers today as it headed for the Northeast.

Rain fell early today in Indianapolis and Pittsburgh, and forecasters said the front would produce showers and thunderstorms later today in upstate New York.

On Monday, thunderstorms produced a tornado that damaged 17 homes in Berlin, Wis., about 75 miles northwest of Milwaukee, authorities said. No serious injuries were reported.

Robert Radliff, 31, said the tornado tore the roof from an apartment building about a block from his home. ″It sounded like a train - that’s when we got everybody in the basement,″ he said.

Another tornado touched down briefly around the nearby community of Montello, Wis., knocking over trees but causing no signficant property damage, the National Weather Service said.

The cold front produced strong thunderstorms and some large hail Monday in Kansas, Nebraska and Missouri. A tornado touched down near Marshal, Mo., but no damage was reported, the weather service said.

Parts of the Northwest got a preview of winter Monday. Wisdom, Mont., dipped to 11 - breaking its record for the date by 14 degrees. Seattle tied a record with 45.

Afternoon highs Monday included 108 at Lake Havasu City, Ariz.

Temperatures today were forecast to be in the 60s and 70s in the Northwest, northern Plains and Great Lakes states; in the 70s in the Northeast; in the 80s from the mid-Atlantic states through the central Plains; in the 90s in the Southeast and southern Plains; and above 100 in the southwestern deserts.

Other reports at 4 a.m. EDT (Atmospheric conditions not available for many cities):

-East: Albany, N.Y., 67 cloudy; Atlanta 71; Boston 65 partly cloudy; Buffalo 66 foggy; Charleston, S.C., 72 foggy; Chattanooga 68; Cincinnati 70 foggy; Cleveland 69 cloudy; Detroit 66 foggy; Hatteras 73 showers; Jacksonville 73 cloudy; Key West 81 fair; Knoxville 70 foggy; Macon 70 fair; Miami 80 fair; New York 69 cloudy; Philadelphia 70 cloudy; Pittsburgh 68 showers; Portland, Maine, 61 cloudy; Richmond 70 foggy; Tampa 76 cloudy; Washington, D.C., 71 foggy.

-Central: Birmingham 69 hazy; Bismarck 36; Chicago 70 fair; Denver 52 fair; Des Moines 51; Fort Worth 80 fair; Indianapolis 73 showers; Kansas City 55; Little Rock 75 fair; Louisville 75 cloudy; Memphis 74 fair; Nashville 71; New Orleans 74 fair; North Platte 41; Oklahoma City 77 partly cloudy; Omaha 48; Rapid City 41; St. Louis 69 cloudy; Minneapolis-St. Paul 46; San Antonio 78 partly cloudy.

-West: Albuquerque 67; Anchorage 41 fair; Boise 54 partly cloudy; Casper 43; Fairbanks 39; Great Falls 56 windy; Honolulu 80 fair; Las Vegas 79; Los Angeles 65 fair; Medford 57; Pendleton 56 cloudy; Phoenix 82; Portland, Ore., 60 cloudy; Reno 57; Salt Lake City 51; San Diego 67 cloudy; San Francisco 57; Seattle 57 windy; Spokane 52 rain.

-International: Calgary 46 partly cloudy; Montreal 66 cloudy; Ottawa 64 foggy; Regina 39 fair; Toronto 66 foggy; Winnipeg 37; Mexico City 55 partly cloudy; Acapulco 75 cloudy; Merida 77; San Juan 77.