BERLIN (AP) _ The mysterious fugitive's mission was to avoid being spotted for 24 days, but the latest twist in reality entertainment, ``RealityRun,'' ended Monday after only a week when a reporter spotted him in Berlin's main public library.

The fugitive, a Dutch athletics teacher identified only as Roger, was given $2,500 spending money by the game's organizers and set loose in Berlin on Aug. 14. As he roamed the area, would-be bounty hunters were able to visit a Web site _ _ for tips about his whereabouts and watch as his portrait was slowly revealed day by day.

Roger-hunters were vying for a $10,000 bounty, which the 25-year-old winner will collect, said the Berlin-based organizers, ExtraMile AG. If Roger had evaded being spotted for 24 days, he would have kept the bounty himself.

Organizers are already holding a vote on their Web site for the next city to stage a manhunt. They are hoping the event will attain cult status and attract the interest of TV and film producers looking for another show like ``Big Brother'' or ``Survivor.''