January 2, 2019
ASHLEY FRANSCELL/ Daily Herald Sizzler General Manager Mark Standefer takes small shrimp from the frier Wednesday, January 3, 2007 at Sizzler on University Avenue in Provo. Sizzling Platter, a Utah franchise which owns Red Robin, Sizzler, Ruby River, Hopper's and Spaghetti Mama's, began using non-trans fat oils in its food preparation in August.

We all know steak is a necessary part of life. While the steak is not endless, you can get an unlimited supply of shrimp on the side. And if shrimp isn’t your style, you can get a limitless supply of salad with your steak. You can substitute your steak for chicken or salmon.

Locations: 240 S. State St., Orem; 1385 S. University Ave., Provo

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