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Palestinian Held Explosives That Blew Up, Killing 7

April 22, 1991

ATHENS, Greece (AP) _ Officials said Monday a Palestinian student was holding 26 pounds of explosives that blew up in the port of Patras, killing him and six other people.

The police announced they were seeking a known associate of the student.

The blast Friday outside the office of Air Courier Services killed the man carrying the explosives and six other people. Eight people were injured.

Authorities said they found a tattered identity card near the mutilated body of the man who had been carrying the explosives in a plastic bag. The Public Order Ministry said that based on the card, they were identifying the body as that of Ahmed al-Hashikeh, 26, of Rimon, Jordan.

Police have not determined the intended target of the bomb. There has been no claim of responsibility for the blast in the city 112 miles from Athens.

The Public Order Ministry said al-Hashikeh was a Palestinian engineering student at Patras Polytechnic University and carried a Jordanian passport.

The ministry said a ″scientific investigation of the bomb scene proved that the Palestinian was leaving the building holding the bomb.″

Police indicated people were being questioned in Patras, the capital and in the northern city of Salonica. They did not say how many people were being questioned or if any arrests were made.

The police said, however, that a nationwide search was under way for Assar al-Nobani, a 26-year-old Palestinian who was suspected of involvement with al- Hashikeh.

Al-Nobani was from the Israeli-occupied territories, and holds Jordanian and Israeli passports, the police said.

They said al-Nobani, a former chemistry student at Salonica University, was expelled from Greece in February. The police announcment said he was believed to be in Greece and ″there is very strong evidence he is connected to the bomb explosion.″

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