Renewable energy proposal set for LTAB meeting

October 3, 2018

NOTE: The solar energy presentation has been postponed until November.

LAUGHLIN — 8minutenergy Renewables is returning Oct. 9 to present to the Laughlin Town Advisory Board about a solar energy project.

The group already presented at the September meeting as an introduction to the company and what it does.

They will present and will explain all the inner workings and logistics of the proposition with them, said Gina Mackey, LTAB board member.

“NextEra did not renew its lease so the land is back into Clark County ownership, but it is an ownership in trust for Laughlin,” said LTAB chairman Jim Maniaci.

“The new company will present a financial comparison of what it proposes with what the former leasee paid into the Fort Mohave Development Fund,” said Maniaci.

NextEra, the former leasee, proposed a project for the Southland, about 9,000 acres south of Laughlin. They were going to construct a project on about 4,000 to 4,400 acres of the Southland.

The project was to do a combined solar and storage facility and had a target size of 325 megawatts or more using photovoltaic technology.

Dennis Harper, vice president of land acquisition, gave the presentation about 8minutenergy and what that company has to offer. He discussed the company’s background and interest in developing a solar project on the Southland.

The presentation included pointing out 8minutenergy as the nation’s largest independent solar photovoltaic and energy storage developer. 8minutenergy has 7,500 plus megawatt solar PV underdevelopment plus 1,000 plus MW storage under development.

Examples of projects 8minutenergy has completed included photos of solar farms such as Springbok 1 and 2 near California City in Kern County, Calif.; the Redwood Cluster, which is also in Kern County; and Mount Signal Solar Farms, which is west of Calexico, Calif.

Much of the presentation highlighted 8minutenergy’s projects and accomplishments but also highlighted information such as why energy storage is a benefit.

Maniaci told the Laughlin Nevada Times Harper discussed how 2,500 acres of actual useable land would be needed for the project. It takes about 6.5 acres of useable land to get 1 MW of energy, Maniaci said.

8minutenergy is looking at is a 325 MW project, Maniaci said. The goal is to have site control by the first quarter of 2019, he added.

Assuming everything goes according to plan and on schedule, the project would go to bid in about two and a half years, Maniaci said. The presentation concluded with Harper agreeing to come back to give more details of the proposed project and compare it to what NextEra was looking at doing.

“I urge all Laughlinites who are interested to attend and hear the proposal for themselves,” said Maniaci.

“I favor of the upper portion of the Southland being used for PV panel generation of electricity,” he said. “In fact I would like to see Clark County apply to the (Bureau of Land Management) for the adjacent land which has the slope to be just as valuable for solar generation. I would oppose solar towers such as at Primm.”

Maniaci said a successful solar project would mean a small number of sustainable and higher than casino-level jobs after the several hundred construction workers leave after a few years.

The LTAB will meet at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 9 in the Regional Government Center, 101 Civic Way.

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