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Exterminator: NYC Roach Population at 1 Billion Plus

August 17, 1987

NEW YORK (AP) _ So you think you’ve got a roach problem?

Right now, scurrying through the apartments, houses, sewers and streets of New York City, are more than 1 billion busy roaches - most of them feasting on leftovers from the city’s badly outnumbered 7 million humans, an exterminating company estimates.

″Cockroaches love living around humans, because we provide them with so much free food, water and places to hide,″ said Morris J. Mann, managing partner of the Bliss Exterminator Co.

Sure, sure, but 1 billion roaches? Two hundred million roaches per borough? Fouteen hundred roaches per person?

″Clearly,″ responded Mann. ″You don’t see ’em, but they’re around. They’re in the sewer lines ... They’ve been around since the dawn of time.″

A check with the head of the city Bureau of Pest Control could not confirm the figures, which Mann acknowledged should be good for business.

″I haven’t the slightest idea if that’s right,″ said Sol Peeples of the Bureau. ″We do strictly rats here.″

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