PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) _ Police chief Jean Coles Rameau, wanted in connection with the killings of 11 arrested men, was captured in the Dominican Republic on Saturday and extradited to Haiti.

Dominican officials said Rameau, police chief for Port-au-Prince, was arrested at Santo Domingo's international airport as he tried to board a plane to the United States. He was sent back to Haiti later Saturday.

The 11 men, rounded up by officers in a Port-au-Prince slum on May 28, were shot in the head and not killed during a shootout with gangsters as police originally claimed, Justice Minister Camille Leblanc said Friday.

Raymond Metellus, who was arrested with the 11 men but escaped, has accused Rameau's superiors _ national security undersecretary Robert Manuel and internal affairs chief Luc Eucher Joseph _ of ordering the killings and helping Rameau flee. Metellus did not say why he thought they were responsible.

A witness to the shootings, who spoke on condition of anonymity, has said that he heard the order being given over the police radio. When the arresting officers said they were bringing the 11 men to the police station, they were told to shoot them because the courts would just release them, the witness said.

A corrupt and inefficient judicial system has frustrated the Caribbean country's force of police officers, who often are accused of being trigger-happy and dishonest.

Police did nothing to stop stone-throwing protesters who smashed the windows of more than 100 vehicles Friday and rampaged through downtown Port-au-Prince for a second day Saturday. Demonstrators stoned cars and set up barricades of smoking tires.

The demonstrators are demanding the release of Lucien ``Ox'' Fabien, an officer popular in his downtown neighborhood, who was detained for questioning about the shootings along with three other officers.

On Friday, civilian employees of the U.S. military support group in Haiti abandoned their all-terrain vehicle in a hail of rocks. Protesters then torched the vehicle.