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May 25, 1985

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan (AP) _ Many policemen in Pakistan’s Punjab province are overweight and have been ordered to observe the Moslem rite of fasting during the holy month of Ramadan to ″smarten up.″

Moslems are not supposed to eat or drink from pre-dawn until sundown during Ramadan, which began last week.

Saadatullah Khan, deputy inspector general of police at Lahore, sent out a circular ordering all policemen to observe the fast.

″Fasting is not only mandatory for all Moslems, but it will also help the policemen to cut down on their bulks, reduce their waistlines, and smarten up,″ said the police chief.

Many policemen are ″hefty looking, and appear ugly,″ he said.


UTICA, N.Y. (AP) - Doing a root canal is routine work for most dentists, but when the tooth is six inches long and the patient weighs 550 pounds it can be exhausting work.

″We’ve got two dentists and a vet who want to drop, but the cat’s great,″ Utica Zoo veterinarian Daniel Nielsen said Friday after a 90-minute operation on a male Siberian tiger named Gingras.

Gingras broke off 21/2 inches of one of his fangs, exposing the nerves, and had been unable to eat solid food, said Dr. Thomas Hebert, an endodontist or specialist in root canals.

″It was radically different (from working on humans), but Dr. (Patrick) Cardinale and I congratulated ourselves because we really were not surprised ... we were so well-prepared,″ Hebert said. He said 14 other root canals had been performed on Siberian tigers in the United States.

Among the instruments they used were a rounded hack saw and coping saw blades. Instead of the small rubber block used to hold a human mouth open during surgery, a two-by-four board was used on the tiger.


DOVER, N.J. (AP) - One thing or another got in the way several times when Italian immigrant Calogera Inserra was ready to apply for U.S. citizenship.

But finally on Thursday, after 88 years and one day before her 100th birthday, Mrs. Inserra took the oath before friends, relatives and other residents of a nursing home in this community where she has lived the past three years.

″Now I die happy. I got what I wanted,″ she said.

″Every time my mother was going to become a citizen there was always a death or a major operation. We always let it go,″ Mrs. Inserra’s daughter, 77-year-old Grace Zingone of Dover, said Friday.

″She always kept on saying, ’Before I die, I want to become a citizen,‴ Mrs. Zingone said.

Relatives said Mrs. Inserra came to this country from Palermo, Sicily, on a 30-day sea voyage with her family in 1897.

Today her family includes 20 grandchildren, 15 great-grandchildren, five great-great grandchildren, ″and two on the way,″ her daughter said.

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