Letter to the editor: Conor Lamb’s deception

November 20, 2018

At the end of the Conor Lamb/Keith Rothfus debate Oct. 8, in a series of rapid questions, the moderator asked “Who is your favorite president?” Lamb answered, “Bill Clinton.” Ahem, Lamb was appointed by President Barack Obama as assistant U.S. attorney for Pittsburgh. Either Lamb didn’t like his boss, Obama, or liked him but doesn’t want to say so, preferring to hide that fact.

Lamb said in a debate for last March’s special election that Rick Saccone “is in favor of allowing guns in a Chuck E. Cheese.” As Saccone pointed out (and Lamb knew full well), the case in question involved an on-duty police officer wearing his sidearm in the restaurant -- which is not only legal, but also required in a police officer’s job description. Quite a distortion on Lamb’s part, don’t you think?

Lamb has held office for eight months, after claiming that he “would work across the aisle.” And what has he said/done/accomplished? Other than chirp some canned buzzwords like “good health care,” “good jobs” and “fighting opioids,” has he done anything toward his alleged “goals”?

I predict Lamb will win the election for the House seat against Rothfus, for no other reason than Lamb is skillful and practiced at deception. Last March’s famous Lamb campaign ad had him in poses shooting an assault rifle, what the French call une mise en scene (a put on act) -- just what we need more of in government. When he’s elected I’m sure he’ll drop the mask. You get what you vote for.

C. Colpo


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