Donald Trump dings Joe Biden as ‘another low I.Q. individual’

March 18, 2019

President Trump on Monday called Joseph R. Biden “another low I.Q. individual” after the former vice president appeared to almost let it slip that he is running for president.

Mr. Trump took the swipe at Mr. Biden on Twitter, saying Mr. Biden “got tongue tied over the weekend when he was unable to properly deliver a very simple line about his decision to run for President.”

“Get used to it, another low I.Q. individual!” Mr. Trump tweeted.

Speaking at a Delaware Democratic Party fundraising dinner on Saturday, Mr. Biden said that he gets “criticized by the new left.”

“I have the most progressive record of anybody running for the United ... anybody who would run,” Mr. Biden said, catching himself mid-sentence. “I didn’t mean. ... Of anybody who would run! Because folks, we have to bring this country back together again.”

Many party insiders and political pundits believe that Mr. Biden will run for the Democratic presidential nomination.