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Campus Custodians Compete In Skill-based Olympics

May 19, 1993

LAWRENCE, Kan. (AP) _ Instead of the javelin, they threw sponges. Instead of the discus, they threw polishing pads.

It was the first-ever Custodial Olympics at the University of Kansas, where 48 competitors tried to be the best at buffing, the fastest at floor sweeping.

The event Tuesday was a highlight of Custodial Appreciation Day.

″We can empty your wastebasket 3,000 times correctly, but if we don’t do it once or put it back in the wrong place, you think about the janitor,″ said Phil Endacott, associate director of housekeeping services.

The final event was assembling a dustmop device and navigating through an obstacle course.

Derek Mitchell flew through the course, tipping cups of water and bumping blocks of wood, while Mary Alexander went for accuracy over speed. Speed won, but Alexander didn’t mind losing.

″It’s great,″ said Alexander, custodial night manager. ″I’ve loved every minute of it.″

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