Kayla Stutler: Lack of pediatric care in Havasu

November 7, 2018


Today I found out our local health department is no longer able to take walk-in clients for vaccines. The soonest I could get an appointment for my four children to receive flu shots and routine vaccines is mid-December. The lack of pediatric care in this city is appalling! The physicians in town no longer offer vaccines in office and as a result, have dumped the entire pediatric population on an already stressed health department. They are not funded well enough to support this. I was told they’ve already run through a significant portion of the budget and it’s only getting worse. Vaccines are expensive and difficult to store, it is understandable, but if you are caring for pediatric patients you need to figure out how to make that work. I am choosing to drive to Bullhead to have my children vaccinated there sooner but what about those families who can’t make that drive? They will be forced to wait or will wind up forgoing the vaccines. The truth is kids are going to go without vaccines because they are not accessible anymore. What happens when one of those kids gets sick or worse, dies? I am sickened by the terrible lack of pediatric care in this city. It seems almost as if unless you are a retired snowbird with money, nobody cares about you. Forget the young families with kids, they don’t bring in revenue. I am sick of it. Parents, please stand up and let this city know our kids will not be pushed aside. Write to everybody you can and push for better health care for kids in our beautiful town. We need change. Our kids need access to vaccines and healthcare.

Kayla Stutler

Lake Havasu City

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