Bong maker totally bummed about Houston smoke shop that allegedly sold fake knock-offs

October 10, 2018

A top-of-the-line bong maker in Amsterdam says what a Houston smoke shop is doing is totally uncool.

The company says the local merchant, High Times, has been peddling knock off versions of its exclusive, award-winning glass water pipes, in violation of federal trademark law, according to court documents filed Tuesday in Houston. The store is located in the 6600 block of South Gessner Road just north of Chinatown, court documents indicate.

The suit claims that the European crafted borosilicate jointed-glass water pipes sold under the label RooR are “highly renowned for their ornate and innovative” design. The company wants High Times to get busted, under civil law, anyway, for federal trademark infringement and counterfeiting and unfair competition.

An employee who said he had just opened the shop Wednesday morning declined to comment about the lawsuit and said his boss would not have a comment either.

The high-end designer and its local distributor in California have made a point of going after little vendors who have tried to take advantage of the trust they’ve built with consumers, the suit says.

“It is exactly because of their higher sales value that RooR branded products are targeted by counterfeiters,” the complaint says. “These unscrupulous people and entities tarnish the RooR brand by unlawfully selling water pipes that have identical, or nearly identical, versions of the RooR Marks affixed to products that are made with inferior materials and technology.”


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