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Shared Birthdays Run in the Family

August 12, 1991

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) _ Melissa Anker, born at 12:12 p.m., turned 12 on Monday, Aug. 12 - a birthday she shares with her mother and her mother’s mother.

The seventh-grader said she, her mother, Linda Lawson, and grandmother, Helene Hidalgo, usually get together to celebrate their birthday.

″The only problem is trying to find a present for both of them,″ Melissa said.

Ms. Hidalgo said shared birthdays seem to run in her family. ″My son, my brother and an aunt all share the same birthday, and so do my grandson, a niece and a great-niece,″ she said.

Her family isn’t unique.

Brenda Taylor’s sons, Brandon, 6, Clifton, 3, and Alton, born last week, all celebrate their birthdays Aug. 7.

One big birthday party worked for a while, she said, but this year Brandon and Clifton wanted parties at different places. ″I think we’re going to have some problems,″ she said.

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