PHILADELPHIA (AP) _ A 5-year-old girl kicked a judge in the leg and a court officer in the groin after her mother fled from custody.

''Don't hurt my mommy 3/8'' the girl shouted Monday as Common Pleas Judge Arthur Kafrissen grabbed her mother's arm after spotting the family on the sidewalk.

Yvonne Kottle, 24, was ordered tested for drugs while in court on charges of robbery and aggravated assault. Kafrissen said he would order her held if she tested positive, despite her pleas to be allowed to leave with her daughter and 5-month-old son.

She tested positive for drugs in another room, but left instead of returning to the courtroom, Kafrissen said.

The judge, meanwhile, had gone to lunch and spotted Kottle and her family outside. That's when the fracas took place.

''You can't very well get angry at the kid for that. In a sense you have to respect her,'' Kafrissen said Tuesday.

Kottle was handcuffed and taken into custody. Her children were placed with the Department of Human Services.

The court officer did not report for work Tuesday, Kafrissen said.

Kottle is accused of slashing a woman's face with a box-cutter and stealing her pocketbook Dec. 2.