EDINBURGH, Scotland (AP) _ Woofie, a dog under a death sentence for chasing and barking at a postman, won a reprieve today from an appeals court.

French actress and animal rights campaigner Brigitte Bardot was among the dog's supporters at a brief hearing in the Court of Session.

``I am very happy. I think that this is the right justice. I was here to give support and would come back again if it was for another Woofie,'' Miss Bardot said.

Woofie, a 3-year-old collie-boxer mix, got into trouble for chasing and barking at Postman Andrew Ainsley in Peterhead, 30 miles north of Aberdeen. Woofie's owner, Terry Swankie, pleaded guilty to violating the Dangerous Dogs Act and admitted that the dog was out of control in a public place.

He said he expected to pay a fine and was shocked when a Sheriff's Court ruled in September that the law left no alternative but to kill Woofie.

``The whole picture is of a good-natured family pet,'' the Swankies' lawyer, Gordon Jackson, argued in court.

``She growled, barked and even bared her teeth but it is not without significance that she did not actually bite.''