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Man Threatens to Detonate Explosives in Lounge

February 14, 1988

ARLINGTON, Texas (AP) _ A man who threatened to blow himself up in a bar with dynamite he’d strapped to his body was taken into custody by police early Sunday after four hours of negotiations. Authorities later found no explosives.

John James Allgood, 33, of Arlington walked out of the Plaza Lounge shirtless, following police instructions, and surrendered to authorities at about 12:10 a.m., said Arlington police spokesman Dee Anderson.

″The officers did not find any explosives. They did find a hoax device. People in the bar had seen something so we knew Allgood had something,″ Anderson said.

Bartender Ina Silloway said the man came into the bar shortly after 8 p.m. and walked around for a few minutes before ordering a 12-pack of beer to go. When she returned with the beer, she said, he handed her a Valentine’s greeting card.

″It said something to the effect of, ’This is no joke. I have six sticks of dynamite strapped to me. If you look at me, I will show you,″ Ms. Silloway said.

″At that point I looked up and he showed me,″ she said, adding that the man told her he planned to ″commit police suicide.″

Police say Allgood, who was alone inside the bar, threatened to harm no one but himself.

Police cordoned off the area, but because other nearby businesses were closed Saturday night there was no need for any evacuation, said officer Ken Burton.

Charges were pending against Allgood, Anderson said, but he would not specify what they involve.

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