Madeleine Dean, Pa. House candidate, in car sideswiped by supporter

November 7, 2018

Some local candidates encounter figurative roadblocks to higher office, and some get sideswiped in a car by one of their supporters.

Pennsylvania state Rep. Madeleine Dean, a Democrat favored to win the 4th Congressional District in a suburb of Philadelphia, was in a car that was struck by another vehicle Tuesday evening.

The candidate’s son, former Obama staffer Pat Cunnane, tweeted: “Dispatch from the road... a car side-swiped us. But the driver was a supporter and “had been praying for @mad4pa’s victory.” All in all, it’s been a bang-up day (and everyone is okay)!”

He tweeted a photo of his mother standing on the side of the road next to her damaged car, making a phone call.

Ms. Dean is favored over Republican Dan David in the Democratic-leaning House district in Montgomery County.

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