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British Boy Shown With Saddam Goes Home

September 2, 1990

LONDON (AP) _ Stuart Lockwood, the 5-year-old British boy seen worldwide on TV next to Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, is home and recovering. But there will be no celebrations until his father gets back, his aunt said Sunday.

″He is only 5 years old and I do not think he really knows what has been happening. It has been like an adventure for him,″ said Stuart’s aunt, Judy Campbell.

″Stuart’s dad is still in Iraq. There will be no family celebration until he is home. We hope that his return will be soon,″ she said at her home in Worcester, western England.

″Everyone is fit and well,″ she added.

Stuart flew home Saturday with his mother, Glenda, and 14-year-old brother Craig along with more than 300 foreigners who had been held in Kuwait and Iraq. Iraq has detained about 21,000 foreigners, including 3,000 Americans, since it invaded Kuwait Aug. 2.

His father Derek, 42, remained among those still held by Saddam. The family has lived in Kuwait for three years.

Stuart became famous in an Iraqi TV film of Saddam sitting among British hostages. He was the solemn-faced child who was beckoned by Saddam and stood at the Iraqi leader’s side having his hair fondled.

The film, seen on TV networks the world over, was widely condemned as a propaganda stunt.

Later, Iraqi TV aired more footage of Stuart playing soccer and chess with four other hostage children.

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