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KGB Chief Visits Soviet Border Areas Attacked by Afghan Rebels

April 30, 1987

MOSCOW (AP) _ KGB chief Viktor Chebrikov has visited frontier areas where Afghan guerrillas recently killed at least two Soviet border guards, the official news agency Tass said Thursday.

Tass said Chebrikov’s six-day visit, which ended Thursday, included talks with military and Communist Party officials.

The KGB security police are in charge of securing the nation’s frontiers as well as intelligence-gathering.

Among Chebrikov’s stops was the border settlement of Pyandzh in the republic of Tadzhikistan. On March 8, two missiles fired by Afghan rebels killed a man and injured two people there. On April 8, two guards were killed at an outpost on the Pyandzh River. Soviet media carried delayed reports of the attacks.

Chebrikov also was in the border town of Termez in Uzbekistan.

″Special attention during his visits to military units was paid to the issues of ensuring the security of the state border of the Soviet Union and perfecting the frontier guards’ soldierly skills,″ Tass said.

The news agency gave no other details.

The Soviet Union sent troops into Afghanistan in December 1979 to support the Communist government and an estimated 115,000 are still there.

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