Ice curlers wanted: New club forming to play sport

February 24, 2019

VICTORY TWP. — You slide across the ice toward the target area drawn at the other end — the “house” — as you grip a smooth, heavy stone in one hand and a broom in the other. You let go of the stone, and it continues to glide down the ice. Your team members follow beside the stone, brooming the ice in front of it to keep up the momentum and help it come to rest on top of the bull’s-eye — the “button” — or help it collide and knock the opposing team’s stones out of the scoring zone.

This is the sport of ice curling, and if all goes according to plan, it’s coming to West Shore Community Ice Arena.

“One of the reasons I’m in love with this sport is it’s chess on ice. People will say it’s shuffleboard on ice, but no — it’s chess on ice. Every shot matters. It’s all about strategy,” said Dan Hinderer, who is in the process of starting a nonprofit group called the Ludington Area Curling Club.

Hinderer has been doing test runs of his curling equipment at West Shore Community Ice Arena. He has enough gear for two teams to play a full game — 16 of the weighty, granite curling stones, a few brooms and some special shoes for sliding on the ice.

What Hinderer doesn’t have yet is enough players to complete two four-person teams.

He’s talked to some community members who have expressed interest in the sport, but he needs more people in order to play games and fulfill his goal of creating a curling league in Mason County.

“It’s a real cool sport, and I’d love to see it grow,” Hinderer said.

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