Letters To The Editor 1/2/2019

January 2, 2019

All about Democratic votes

Editor: A real and major reason why many of my fellow Democrats seem to care so much about the plight of illegal immigrants is because they want to get their votes one day.

This is all about votes. Once more than 50 percent of the United States population becomes nonwhite, Democrats know that they will win every presidential election and always be in control of both house of Congress. I would love to see that day, but I don’t like how the party uses these innocent people seeking a better life and how they are hoodwinking and playing the American people.

On the other hand, Republicans don’t want to let these people in because they know that this day is coming and they want to prevent it from happening because they are afraid of it.

It saddens me to say that most national Democrats really don’t care at all about these people as human beings, just as they also don’t care at all about the rest of us, especially if we are poor, near-poor, lower-middle or middle class.

There are a few exceptions to this.




Dualing crises plague nation

Editor: Our immigration and drug crisis has some of the American public concentrating on those leaving Mexico to enter the United States, and then crossing into southern Arizona or the Rio Grande Valley of Southern Texas.

Customs and Border Protection cited 2018 as the record year for apprehensions of families or those posing as families and a reported 355,106 people were detained. In November “family units,” reportedly reached the highest number with 5,283 “unaccompanied minors” counted, a staggering number. Further, the agency reports that nearly 60 percent of all arrests came from these groups. In November 62,456 people were arrested or denied entry to our country.

Aside from immigrants wishing to enter our country, a drug crisis is growing. American citizens bring enormous amounts of drugs into our country. For instance, in the Nogales commercial entry port in Arizona, officials reportedly confiscated 364 pounds of methamphetamine worth $1 million, six pounds of heroin valued at $100,000 and fentanyl valued at $96,000 in one instance. Between Aug. 17 and 19, two Americans and a Cuban national were arrested with drugs reportedly valued at $357,000.

Another arrest on Oct. 15 in Nogales occurred when a U.S. woman had hidden in her car 26 pounds of fentanyl, and 2.5 pounds of heroin worth $428,000. On Dec. 10, , two U.S. teens in a stolen truck were  arrested smuggling in seven illegals and meth and heroin valued at $793,000.

The bottom line is that President Trump presented this as problem two years ago. Katie Waldman, Homeland Security press secretary, has blamed the judges in the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit because the court blocked Trump’s executive orders on border actions. So, nothing has improved.





Walls always fail mission

Editor: The president wants a wall along our southern border.

Well, now he seems willing to compromise. It could be a steel slat structure. In other words, now President Trump wants an iron curtain.

Remember what that used to be all about? The old Soviet Union separated Eastern Europe from Western Europe, with the Berlin Wall serving as a symbol. Do you remember how that worked out?

The Soviet Union’s Iron Curtain was meant to keep defectors behind it from escaping to freedom in the west. Trump’s iron curtain would be designed to keep Hispanics, presumably, out of the United States. Do people wonder how that would work? The Great Wall of China didn’t keep enemies out, the Soviet Iron Curtain didn’t keep Eastern Europeans in and the Trump iron curtain won’t work, either, if it is erected.

People desperate to go somewhere, those who fear for their lives and need to move on, will do it even if it endangers their lives. If we Americans don’t see that and the uselessness of Trump’s proposed iron curtain, it will only cause more and more refugees to lose their lives and endanger the safety of more of their children. That’s not what America is about, right from the beginning.

Should we have border security? Of course we should. But we need to take advantage of technology and we need to defend all our ports of entry. Seaports are especially open, where every ship and boat needs to be inspected carefully. While we worry about desperate refugees, real bad actors can potentially slip in many ways.




Gas plant benefits ignored

Editor: Recently, I have read various articles about the natural gas power plant in Jessup.

There have been articles about air quality, water pollution, noise pollution and even articles about residents of Jessup becoming sick. What residents don’t understand is that the Lackawanna Energy Center has to go through numerous and extensive pollution tests with the Environmental Protection Agency.

I have read articles about residents becoming sick because of the air quality in Jessup. Did it ever cross anyone’s mind that maybe they just have a common stomach bug? I’m not a doctor but I’m sure that people who were ill did not get confirmation from a doctor that poor air quality was the source of their illness.

I think we needed a change in the valley area and the Lackawanna Energy Center was it. The plant’s operators have made numerous donations to the valley area and put a lot of people to work for an adequate amount of time, including me. Keep up the good work, Lackawanna Energy Center.






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